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The closure of the Di Campione casino is causing concern for the local population

In northern Italy, last summer’s decision to temporarily close one of Europe’s oldest casinos has reportedly devastated the host community, burdening over 200 creditors for a total of some € 73 million (US $ 83.47 million).

Lethargic examination:

According to a Sunday report by The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Casino Di Campione has been empty since closure by a Provincial Court in July to investigate allegations of financial mismanagement.

This slow investigation has led the almost 500 employees of the Alpine site on the shores of Lake Lugano to wonder if they will ever work again on the 592,015 square foot property.

Anliegen der Gemeinschaft:

The newspaper reported that a 30-day deadline within which the government should designate a Special Envoy to investigate the reopening possibilities has since elapsed without action, while the approximately 2,000 inhabitants of the city of Campione are plagued by this fear. The indefinite closure will collapse lead small community. These concerns have even caused some residents to travel to Milan to seek psychiatric help.

Stadt in der Schwebe:

Fiorenzo Dorigo, a former machine technician at Casino Di Campione, told The Daily Telegraph that the venue’s closure hit “all areas of the city,” from the distribution chain and taxi drivers to the bakers who brought the bread to the casino’s restaurant kitchen.

Dorigo to the source …

“The city collapses. The small bars, pizzerias and shops are all in big trouble. Everyone gave them recognition. No one believed that the casino would close from one day to the next. We are all in limbo now, and the more time passes, the harder it gets. We are in a race against time. “

Creditors who go to court:

It has also been reported that the list of amounts owed by Casino Di Campione also includes several banks, millionaire financiers and online gambling companies and that some of them have since filed a court action for compensation. The result of this legal effort remains uncertain, although some residents have even hoped that federal officials will finally accept an offer from neighboring Switzerland to take over the tiny enclave Campione D’Italia, where the casino is located.


The casino opened in 1917 to give Italian spies the opportunity to gather information from diplomats they visited during the First World War. It was closed in 1919 before being reopened about 14 years later by a decree requiring payment for the local community’s operation.

Several causes:

In addition, the area prospered in the aftermath, when it became a sanctuary for some of the richest players in the world. However, the financial crash of 2007, followed by Italy’s decision to legalize gaming machines and the appreciation of the Swiss franc against the euro ultimately impacted the final outcome of Casino Di Campione.

Municipal support:

Mirko Chirico, former head of the casino’s food and beverage department, told the newspaper that Campione had previously been “envied as an enclave of wealth and privilege,” and that the casino’s revenues had paid salaries to about 100 urban workers.

According to Chirico …

“Everyone made mistakes; the politicians, the management, the community. The paradox, however, is that in the factory the fault is paid only to the guilty parties, but the workers pay the price. ”

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