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British betting companies are experiencing a huge increase in customer complaints

HomeNew casino and gambling news British betting companies are experiencing a huge increase in customer complaints  Marie Kelley August 13, 2019 Current Casino and Gambling News, Gaming Law & Legislation, United Kingdom According to recent figures collected by the Gambling Commission on BBC Panorama, British betting companies have experienced a huge increase in customer complaints. Nearly 5000%, to be exact, in the last five years. The problem gamblers have accused the bookmakers of continuing to tempt them into betting after asking them to be removed from the mailing lists.

Huge Jump from 2013 until 2018:

The figures show that, from 2013 to 2018, customer complaints to the Commission in relation to betting companies have increased massively. In 2013, only 169 complaints were registered. Last year this number had risen to more than 8,200.

According to The Guardian …

Gambling Commissioner Neil McArthur commented on the complaints: “We urge the industry to know its customers, and part of it may be a good sign because it suggests consumers are demanding more from gambling providers. And I would encourage them to continue doing so. “

Sites Facing Criticism:

An example of such criticism that websites face is an incident that became public in April. In the UK, a client of Casumo and Leo Vegas had suffered losses of around £ 125,000 as the sites did not prevent them from playing. Usually the player spent less money, but one night he put in the Casumo online casino much larger stakes in the four-digit range.

The unusual betting behavior was not noticed until about 11 hours later and an e-mail was sent to the player. She replied that she felt suicidal.

She was allowed to continue betting until she was subsequently blocked by the website. She then went to LeoVegas and lost just over £ 94,000 when she put more than £ 1 million on the site. Instead of restricting their game, the site offered their VIP status and allowed them to continue betting on multiple credit cards. The status was communicated to the player despite having made 291 failed deposit attempts and canceled withdrawals totaling £ 27,000. This indicates that there may be a game problem.

Increased Funding Offer:

Britain’s top five gambling companies have offered to raise addiction treatment funds to GBP 60 million a year to help problem gamblers. Critics do not believe that this is enough to help, and have called the attempt a bribe to prevent the creation of tougher regulations.

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