Casino closures

Not all casinos will stay open as long as Casino de Spa in Belgium which opened in 1763 or the 400-year-old Casinò di Venezia on the Grand Canal. Sometimes the slots and tables will move from a riverboat to land as they did in Indiana, sometimes the casinos simply fail due to market forces or mismanagement as many have in Atlantic City. And while rarer, some will simply not open with a viable concept and close within a year as happened in Las Vegas in January 2018.

While not all closures result in the property being imploded, we cover those spectacular events here as well. In some instances a story in this section will lead you to more information in Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships; Fines, Lawsuits & Litigation; or Casino Sales. Whatever the future holds for the places haunted by Lady Luck, you will find their stories here.

District of Columbia’s mobile sportsbetting plans hit by temporary injunction

The District of Columbia (DC) government has reportedly issued a temporary injunction prohibiting the implementation of a contract whereby well-known gambling solution innovator Intralot SA should support the operation of its future mobile sports betting service.

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Foreign investors may lose out on Las Vegas investment

In Nevada, 178 foreign investors, each with around $ 550,000 for the transportation of The Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino to the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, could lose all of their effort and a chance of sustained recourse. green cards. ‘

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Shuttered Nooksack Northwood Casino begins token exchange

Following the closure of Nooksack Northwood Casino in the north of Washington last week over alleged violations of the Indian Gaming Act, it has reportedly begun to exchange cash for customers’ unused slot tokens.

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El San Juan Hotel offers clarifying statements about casino closure

El San Juan Hotel announced last Friday that due to the difficult economic and industry dynamics, it has decided not to reopen its casino when it reopens on Sunday, February 5, 2017. “In recent months, El San Juan has undergone one of the most extensive renovations since the property was opened in 1958.

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Just a few days after its 60th anniversary, the Riviera Las Vegas will forever shut its doors. The historic casino celebrates its anniversary on April 20 and closes on May 4 at 12 noon. A press release shipped this week revealed the news of the closure, which was completed just a few months after the landmark was purchased by the Convention and Visitors Authority in Las Vegas for approximately $ 190 million.

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President Duterte, after a thorough investigation, overturns the decision to shut down PCSO

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has now reversed this decision less than five days after the order issued by the Philippine Anti-Contest Authority (PCSO) to suspend all operations.

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Leadership and citizenship feud results in closure of Nooksack Tribe casino

For the second time in less than two years, employees of a casino owned and operated by the Nooksack Indian Tribe are unemployed without notice of an imminent closure.

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