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Slot Machine Counterfeit Counterfeiters targeted the Tiverton Casino Hotel in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, a man was reportedly arrested and charged with having run an illegal plan that resulted in fake slot machine coupons being used in the small state’s Tiverton Casino Hotel.

Massachusetts Mailer:

According to a Friday report, Joseph Clement is said to have received $ 25 worth of Massachusetts coupons near Plainridge Park Casino through the post office before swapping them for use at the Tiverton Casino Hotel. The 49-year-old sold or sold these fake mailers to at least 25 people, who subsequently used them to enjoy slot sessions worth up to $ 500.

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Fraudulent Website Warning by Macau Legend Development Limited

Asian casino operator Macau Legend Development Limited was reportedly forced to issue an official statement warning the general public of an allegedly fraudulent website allegedly using its name and insignia to attract players.

Dishonest Domain:

According to a report by GGRAsia, the Hong Kong-listed company announced on Tuesday, with an official sign-in, that it has no connection to the Chinese-speaking domain at, although the gaming site reportedly has an additional use of the names and trademarks of its properties as well as’ photos and information about specific directors and executives. ‘

Unregulated operation:

Macau Legend Development Limited is responsible for Babylon Casino Macau and the Savan Legend Hotel and Casino in Laos. It has also been reported in detail that the supposedly dodgy iGaming website guides fans to an online lottery game that is unregulated despite the name and logo of the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau in Macau.

Consideration of legal steps:

GGRAsia reported that for the second time after a similar incident in 2017, the casino had to warn players against a seemingly fraudulent domain. The operator of the Legend Palace Hotel at Fisherman’s Wharf, Macau, also claimed that this was the case. It is currently being investigated whether legal action should be taken against the parties behind the location in question for mistakenly using their material and fraudulently “abusing” their employees as directors and officers of the alleged company

Read the Submission of Macau Legend Development Limited …

“The company wants to make it clear that neither the company nor the directors and executives of the company are related to the alleged company mentioned on the fake website and the fraudulent materials. The company has not operated a lottery game as shown in such a fake website. “

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